Enterprise Security Intelligence Managed Service

SecureForce Uses the Cloud to Provide Auditing and Analysis of Network Devices to Identify Network Exposures and Vulnerabilities, and Validate Compliance

SecureForce’s Enterprise Security Intelligence Managed Service (ESIMS) analyzes the configuration of layer three devices (e.g., firewalls, routers, and load balancers) across an organization’s network to examine not only the device itself but also how each of those devices interact with each other to provide security for the role in which they are being used. As a result, we are able to identify network exposures and vulnerabilities, validate policy compliance, and prioritize remediation activities. SecureForce’s ESI service focuses on two essential capabilities.

The first, Network Accessibility Audit, delivers a best practices report to identify how the customer’s network meets existing industry standards for managing the integrity of networks. The service analyzes every possible way devices communicate with each other. The resulting audit identifies untrusted devices or zones—pointing out accessibility holes in the network that require immediate attention.

The second capability of ESI is the Network Vulnerability Analysis that builds upon the intelligence generated in the Network Accessibility Audit by adding vulnerability scan data to the mix. The result is the delivery of a list of vulnerable or incorrectly configured devices, prioritized by degree of exposure and downstream risk, and a remediation plan directing clients where to take immediate corrective action.

How the Enterprise Security Intelligence Managed Service Works






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