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The SecureForce Information Assurance Team works diligently assisting organizations to minimize risk through the development and management of security protection programs that safeguard the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of critical systems and data.



Deliver process excellence and operational superiority to security and systems professionals for identifying and managing risks while preventing or eliminating cyber security threats.  We do this by evolving the application of practical expertise while incorporating the:

  • Client – the mission and objectives of those we serve
  • Team – real world knowledge, skills, credentials, and experience
  • Process – best practices that adapt to risk tolerances and emergent threats
  • Technology – hands on with the appropriate solution at the correct time



For our clients, partners, and team we are committed to exceeding expectations while being:

  • Above reproach
  • We pledge that our work will be of the highest quality and that our business will be performed according to the highest ethical standards. If we fail to perform to those standards, and that quality, we will “make it right.”

  • Accountable
  • We pledge full responsibility for our actions, decisions, recommendations, policies, and implementations.  We are dedicated to our obligation to transparently govern, communicate, and report  all expectations and consequences.   We are committed to seeking review and input from our clients and industry professionals to continuously refine our processes and capabilities.

  • Responsive
  • We pledge that we will be ready and willing to react to the needs of our clients, partners, and team members.  We will strive to be constantly approachable, effective listeners, and seekers of understanding so that we may provide accurate and timely responses.


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